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Marc Shaw

Speciality : Property Management

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Marc Shaw is a long-time Kingston resident who has enough generations buried in Cataraqui Cemetery (6) to be counted a "true Kingstonian". He has had a love for history and old buildings all his life. A child of the suburbs, he grew up in the G.T.A. but eventually abandoned shopping malls and multiplexes and moved to Kingston. He studied History at Queen's University and subsequently became a History and English teacher. He then spent two years roasting in West Africa as a CUSO volunteer followed by another  two years cooling down while teaching in a remote Cree community on the sunny shores of James Bay. Following these adventures he sought calm and serenity back in Kingston and since then has "done his time" working in the educational division of the federal correctional system.

He has owned/lived in a number of heritage homes in Kingston and particularly enjoys researching their histories. He is a member of various local historic organizations and is a present/past Board member of a number of community organizations. He lives in an 1847 limestone home and dreams of one day making use of his pristine kitchen - but there are just too many great downtown restaurants! He enjoys travelling abroad and closer to home vacations frequently in Westport and Montreal.